Thursday, March 10, 2011

Queen Amidala (Barbie) doll cake

Made for a wonderful 6-year-old named Sophi's birthday. The cake is 3 layers, carved to the shape of a dress, with a center hole for Barbie. Since I think those cake pick dolls are kind of creepy once you remove the cake, I wanted to use a real doll, so I wrapped the doll in plastic wrap to keep things as sterile as possible.

The headdress is assembled out of self-adhesive craft foam sheets with a rhinestone added. I styled the doll's hair as much like Amidala's as possible but did not paint her face (on purpose -- we wanted to keep the doll looking more like its recipient than accurate to Star Wars).

The dress is made of red fondant with piped trim and gold doily details.

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