Monday, December 13, 2010

Samantha Farrell at Maverick Swing poster

A poster for one of my other latest projects, Maverick Swing, a swing and blues dance in East Boston.

I wanted the December poster to capitalize on singer Samantha Farrell's vibrant personality and look, which made me think of the bohemian Art Noveau style. (An early concept for this poster was based on a more psychedelic, Haight Ashbury Jimi Hendrix poster, but oddly enough I decided against that because it included a starburst in the background, and suddenly starbursts are appearing on a ton of dance flyers!) So I went in a more old school Art Noveau direction and designed this to emulate an Alphonse Mucha poster. The art is hand-drawn, scanned, then colored and manipulated using Photoshop.