Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Ukulele cake

So, I play the ukulele, as do many of my friends these days. It's one of my favorite things in the world. For my friend Jasmine's birthday, I decided to build a ukulele cake. This turned out to be a pretty easy (and fun!) project which I made with a little help from other uke-playing friends, Vichu and Lou. (You can see Vichu crumb coating the cake in the small photo. Lou iced the neck with chocolate fudge icing.) Overall, I'm pretty happy with the finished result even though it could have been neater if I'd had more time.

Basically, we baked a sheet cake and a few small loaf-sized cakes. I only ended up needing one of those, for the neck. The headstock is made using one of the leftover bits I carved off of the sheet cake when I cut the body of the uke. The pattern for the uke body was made by tracing my Mahalo ukulele, and then I transferred that to the cake by punching around it with a knife.

The tuning knobs are lollipops and the bridge is a section of a chocolate bar. The soundhole is made using cocoa powder sprinkled into a ring mold (Vichu's idea, which worked great, although cocoa powder went everywhere when Jasmine blew out the candles!). Everything else is pretty much frosting, dyed green or piped.

Also, I think the finished cake with burning candles has kind of a Jimi Hendrix thing going on!


Chris said...

Guys thanks so much, I was just about to freak out as suddenly realized my daughters 13th bday is only a few days away and I hadn't given thought to her cake. I have left it too late to get a cake mold so have sat on the internet for ages looking at Ukulele cakes (which is her newest passion) but they were all amazing finished pics and I couldn't work out sheet or circle cakes etc so love your step by steps and hints and tips on what to use and maybe not lol. Thanks again, luckily hers is white so going to try fondant but I am not so good with wrapping it without folds so maybe will go with buttercream. Lollies are another great tip and chocolate bars instead of me having to buy diff packs of fondant..Thanks again Chris

Amy K. said...

So glad you liked it, Chris! I forgot about this project but I'm so happy our experiment helped you figure out how to make yours. Feel free to post a pic if yours turns out well! :)